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Design studio ARCHITECTORIA – not only creates a beautiful, functional and exclusive design, but also embodies the small world of your space in which it is pleasant to live, work, dream, love and meet the best moments of your life in reality. Many years of experience, professional architects and creative designers – this is the small formula thanks to which we can bring to life a beautiful story for your space.More than 90% of our time, we spend in various interiors. Interior design in which it is pleasant to live, work, create, relax, eat – this is actually one of the secrets of a successful person!

Nina Maslennikova  — Founder, Certified Architect,
interior designer and head of the studio.

Qualification Certificate 003524
architecture related services

       “I prefer the laconic interior. But you have the right to choose a design yourself. My task is to listen, direct and implement what was intended”.

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Interior design studio


  • You get a full cycle of unique interior design from a team of professionals who will work energetically with you and work only for you, realizing a variety of ideas.
  • We work with many suppliers and contractors of building materials, decor, furniture, machinery and equipment to any room, as well as to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Our staff will help you reduce construction costs and the cost of the necessary furniture and equipment by 10-20%!
  • Our team of professionals always respects the agreed terms of work.
  • Individual package of services for each client.
  • Many years of experience working with clients who are fully satisfied with the tasks and work accomplished, become even happier, and their families receive the coveted coziness, comfort and inspiration.
  • Regularly we follow the global TRENDS in interior design, we work with different objects, to which we select the desired style.
  • We are always in touch: in social networks and by phone. Ready to meet you!

Interior Design – it is the embodiment of art under the guidance of science, the mechanism of which is the design and decoration of space. Interior design includes the development and design of various premises (apartments, houses, studios, office design, etc.), according to customer requirements. An interior designer who from the very beginning manages the entire process of interior decoration from planning the necessary premises to the proper arrangement of equipment and furniture in the room.

The interior design combines a variety of artistic colors, styles, makes your life more comfortable, minimizes the time spent on your work in the room. The ultimate goal of interior design of a room is to ensure the functionality and aesthetic interaction of the material world with a person. Design development of offices, restaurants, studios, residential premises and other premises. From concept to implementation. Here you can order the design of offices, restaurants, studios, residential and non-residential premises.

Office Design

A very important area of ​​our work is the development of office interior design. We will make every m2 of your office work for you. Many companies want to be better than their competitors, not only on papers, in various ratings, but also that their office design is the best! To create a great atmosphere, where your employees will be pleased to work, and customers will be pleasantly located. That office is the place where many people spend more of their life, so it is very important to create a special place. Most of our orders are Kiev office design. We also work throughout Ukraine (designed offices in such cities as: Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and others). What is the price of office design and how to order office design in our company? Call us at the phone number: +38 (067) 506-69-69, and we will answer all your questions.


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