Interior Design Trends

All trends in 2018: what came in and what came out of the interior fashion.

It is always difficult to keep up with trends and fashion for one or another interior design style is as changeable as fashion for various wardrobe items. The coming season in the design world prepares us for the return of bright colors, maximum creativity and personalization of the interior. It should reflect the character of the owner of the room – this is the main condition. Designers are increasingly representing an eclectic interior. This is called interior, which can not be attributed to any particular style. But it is impossible to call it a chaotic combination, because there are certain rules. It is believed that eclecticism is one of the most complex, but at the same time bright styles.

In the first place comes comfort and practicality. The task of the designers is to fit absolutely everything necessary for a comfortable stay in a small area. The most non-standard solutions are used – the use of folding beds, folding tables, etc. Increasingly, you can find hidden kitchens, furniture-transformer, because this is a great way to save space in a small apartment.

One of the main trends of the 2018 season is the use of all the latest technological innovations: home appliances control with the help of own smartphone, apartment cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner, lighting control, remote door closing, etc. Absolutely everything is done for the comfort of homeowners and is designed to give them a completely modern, innovative and stylish home.

In fashion, extravagance, minimalism is slowly becoming a thing of the past and soon the use of contrasting prints, the combination of different styles, bright objects will firmly conquer the position in modern design.

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