Price of interior design project

For each new project we have an individual approach and it is also evaluated individually for each client. The price of design depends on the area and on the complexity of the object. A preliminary assessment of the project can be found by filling out an application on our website.

Interior design
(houses, apartments)
Interior design of public spaces
(offices, coworking, shops)
35 $ for 1 m2 25 $ for 1 m2
30 $ for > 100 m2 20 $ for > 300 m2
25 $ for > 200 m2 15 $ for > 600 m2
20 $ for > 300 m2 10 $ for > 1200 m2

* The larger the area of the object, the lower the cost of 1 m2.
** Architectural supervision + $ 10 to the above prices.
*** Prepayment in the amount of – 40% of the total cost of the interior design project, 40% – after agreeing on the visualizations, the rest of the payment of 20% – after the transfer of working drawings.

Interior design project includes:

  • Meeting with the designer;
  • Conclusion of the contract;
  • Departure for measurements of the object;
  • Technical task;
  • Measurement drawing;
  • Variants of planning decisions;
  • Visualization of the interior in the program 3D Studio Max (2-3 options for each room);
  • Plan after redevelopment;
  • Plan for dismantling and installation;
  • Furniture layout plan;
  • Floor plan, layout materials;
  • Ceiling plan;
  • Lighting scheme with bindings;
  • Layout of lighting, distribution of lines on the switches;
  • Specification of fixtures;
  • Outlet layout;
  • Floor heating scheme;
  • Air conditioning scheme;
  • Plumbing equipment layout plan;
  • Sweep bathrooms with material miscalculation;
  • Sweep the walls of all rooms with miscalculation of materials and detailed sections on all the decorative areas;
  • Specification of finished furniture;
  • Technical specifications for the manufacture of furniture;
  • Author’s supervision.

The duration of the interior design project depends: on the area, on the complexity of the object, how well the customer and the designer will work and how quickly the customer will approve the design project at all its work stages and on the speed of coordinating other solutions (materials, furniture etc.). On average, this period from 30 to 60 days.

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