Apartment design

Our house is a place where we want to return, where we want to feel comfortable and cozy. He can say more about us than clothes and words. The main thing in the interior is functionality, convenient, comfortable where everything is in its place. And it is always primary … and then the styles and all the beauty there … It is on the competent functional layout that everything else is strung together. We wish to design your apartment or house in a modern style, while not depriving the room of coziness and convenience. In interior design, new trends and trends appear annually. A fashion for a certain style can be just as transient as a fashion for clothes. And, if you made the decision to do the repair of your home, surely the right decision would be to contact a design studio.

The study of fashion trends, innovations in technology, finishing materials, shades and fabrics, the combination of different styles, the ability to embody the client’s idea of ​​design in modern style and simultaneous comfort – this is all the daily work of designers. They will easily embody your idea, help her develop, suggest the best technical solution. Another undoubted advantage is the enormous saving of your time and nerves. The house, whose design is completely thought out and harmonious, combines every detail – from the shade of the walls to the furniture, from the choice of technology to accessories. Agree, it is quite difficult to independently organize and translate into reality processes that require certain knowledge and vision.

Modern style is in fashion, in which several different ones are often mixed, while your house will be different from any other. It will reflect your character and lifestyle. For example, in the trend of neoclassical decoration, it creates an aristocratic and extremely modern setting. Marble furnishings, traditional upholstered furniture, white kitchen sets and silver decorative elements will be appropriate here.
For several seasons, the fashion for minimalism has kept pace. It is one of the most sought after in the world. In this design, it is popular to use the open plan kitchen-living room, panoramic windows. As a rule, the color scheme of the room does not imply the presence of many bright colors and ornaments. Everything should be as concise and simple as possible. Functional parts in the kitchen, for example, are often masked. All appliances are built in, leaving the monochrome facades.

No less popular is the combination of different styles. For example, neoclassical and art deco may well coexist alongside and at the same time admire with their singularity and harmony. As a rule, this requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, and it is better to entrust such a project to professionals from the design studio.