Interior designer services

ARCHITECTORIA design studio – creates interior design from a studio apartment to residential and public buildings of various sizes anywhere in the world. We work with varying degrees of customer involvement in the project. Each project is individual for us. In the course of our cooperation, we will provide you with the necessary volumes of necessary services.

From the first day of our acquaintance with you, we offer to get an interior design project, which includes:

  • Room plan with dimensions and areas (measuring plan);
  • The plan for dismantling walls and partitions;
  • Plan of installation of walls and partitions;
  • Plan after redevelopment;
  • Layout of furniture placement;
  • Plumbing fixture plan;
  • The layout of the lighting (placement of lighting);
  • Plan switches indicating the inclusion of groups of lamps;
  • Electricity distribution plan (placement of electrical outlets and electrical leads with reference to geometric dimensions);
  • The plan of ceilings with knots and the indication of the type of material used;
  • Door opening plan;
  • Floor plan with indication of: level marks of the floor, type of flooring, pattern and size (the number of drawings depends on the level of complexity);
  • Explication of flooring with an indication of the area and article number of the selected material;
  • Sweep walls with bindings of decorative elements, electrical leads, outlets, etc. (the number of drawings depends on the number of decorative elements);
  • Drawings of parts (custom-made furniture, etc.);
  • Statement of finishing, custom-made products, decor, etc.;
  • Specifications of all necessary materials and equipment;
  • Counting the amount of materials and equipment;
  • 3D visualization of the premises.

Operating procedure:

  • Departure to the object, measurements, filling out technical specifications, receiving references;
  • Development of planning solutions for sketches, collages;
  • Performing 3D visualizations;
  • Execution of drawings;
  • Listing of the finished design project;
  • Assistance in the selection of materials and equipment;
  • If necessary, go to the object to address key issues.

The designer’s services include a whole range of works. Interior design is a very complex process, which requires study of every little thing and the ability to think voluntarily and spatially, to see the realization of the idea even at the stage of its origin. Design apartment renovation helps to fill your home with sense and practicality, correctly using each square meter of it to increase your comfort and make the aesthetic side of the room even more attractive.

3D interior design. The interior of the room should be as close as possible to the character and thoughts of its owner. In the creation of interior design a mandatory item is familiarity with the customer. We listen to your ideas and wishes, suggest the best ways to implement them, give advice and develop our project together. Next we will deal with measurements and planning solutions for the premises. This work is performed by employees with many years of experience. Every customer we provide 3D interior design. This is the best way to visualize the future design so that you can understand how the room will look. As well as 3D interior design is important for builders, so that they see how our ideas with you should look ultimately.

The cost of interior design is calculated individually. Turning to us, you reduce to zero the risk of independent errors when planning and implementing your ideas and, accordingly, additional expenses. Order an apartment interior design is the most profitable investment in the comfort of your home.

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