Dressing room design

What is a dressing room? It is, in fact, a huge closet in which you can enter and freely take any necessary thing. Accordingly, the allocated space should allow you to easily enter and move into it. Look around – most likely you managed to place in it a wardrobe (usually even a few), and even a chest of drawers. These pieces of furniture are quite large and take up a lot of space, while the minimum size of the wardrobe is 1.5 * 1.5. You can make it a little more and install a mirror in it to immediately try on clothes. Thus, you unload the space in the living room, bedroom and corridor, functionally combining it in one room, depending on your wishes. This is ideal – do not hide things in massive cabinets that visually reduce space.

Wardrobe, equipped according to the principle of a modular system, involves the compilation of the optimal set of elements for you. You choose the number and length of the rods, shelves. Determine the need for closed cabinets and the number of shelves for shoes. If there are a lot of things and a small space for a dressing room, there are convenient ways to solve the problem – for example, a two-level placement of the rods on the wall. Below you can organize shelves for shoes. Be sure that the design does not interfere with your free movement. Before the improvement of the dressing room and conducting accurate measurements, designers recommend a thorough review of their belongings. Often, after such resivisation, we can find that about 30% of things can be safely disposed of. Not superfluous to organize a compartment for storing seasonal items. You can organize a shelf on the ceiling, using the space to the maximum.

When improving the dressing room, pay first of all attention to its functionality. Finishing can be the most simple and concise.

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