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  • Reception area design
Reception area design

Reception area design

A modern office building (restaurant, hotel, etc.) consists of different rooms, halls, rooms, as well as the main thing that a visitor meets from the entrance to the room – this is the reception. The reception zone is a business card of a company. The appearance of the reception greatly affects the visitor’s opinion of the company as a whole and shows how solid and reliable the company’s reputation is.

The first opinion should be excellent so that the visitor can already trust the company from the entrance. In the reception area, acquaintances with visitors, potential employees who came for interviews, with future partners of the company, and possibly journalists who want to write an article about the company, can take place. For such purposes, the general interior of the reception is very important, it must be decorated in an original style that should suit the company and its direction, with high standards, using modern furniture, materials and colors that should be harmonious and consistent with the level of the company.

The main place in the reception area is given to the reception desk, which is considered to be the face of the company and creates the image of the company. The reception desk should be as functional, presentable, ergonomic as possible. Behind the reception desk is an employee of the company (administrator, secretary, etc.) who provides the necessary information about the company and forms the image of the company. Their duties include: meeting, receiving and distributing company visitors. The general opinion that may develop with the visitor about the company may depend on the employee of the company.

The structural feature of the reception desks allows you to create the necessary conditions for communication between office workers and guests that are suitable for the reception. It is imperative to choose the individual style of the reception desk, which will correspond to the entire style of the office space, quality material, a unique shape, as well as the correct location for the reception desk.

Correct placement of the reception desk is primarily a comfort for visitors and employees of the company and has a positive effect on the orientation of employees and visitors. The reception desk must be placed immediately at the entrance to the office (eg: facade to the entrance, or along the side wall of the office). The height of the reception desk should allow the visitor to see the company employee who is behind the counter, which will ensure good communication and establish eye contact. The design of the reception desk should be combined with the interior design of the office and its style. The colors of the reception area are often performed in the corporate colors of the company. To have an exclusive and unique reception desk, it is better to make it to order, according to the size and characteristics of the office, which will emphasize the interior of the company’s office.

Near the reception desk, there is often a waiting area. Armchairs, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, stands and racks for various information materials are arranged for visitors in this area. Also, the reseption zone can have extended destinations, which can include not only the reception desk with the waiting area, but also an information zone, a negotiation zone, a dressing room. For this, it is very important to correctly plan and organize the space in the reception area and draw up a design project for the office.

In the reception area, as well as throughout the office, lighting is very important, which is one of the methods necessary to create and maintain a visual image and corporate identity of a company. An expressive composition of lighting in the reception area is created with an emphasis on the prestige of the company using artificial lighting (a combination of main and accent), decorative lamps, as well as accent lighting to highlight the company logo.

Lighting should provide employees with the opportunity to perform their work as efficiently as possible in a safe and comfortable environment, and visitors should be comfortable and safe from lighting. Lighting devices must be selected taking into account the design of the office, the environment, colors and materials.

The general design of the reception area should be in harmony with the style of the design of the room.

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