Textiles in the interior

The real luxury in the design of the room determines the details, such as the use of textiles. Each style more or less implies its use. For example, in the classical style, the richest opportunities to use textiles, in the style of high-tech use it is minimal, but still possible and necessary.

The design of the project takes into account the wishes of the client, the style of the interior and many other things. The best design of the studio is engaged in the selection of textiles, as well as each accessory for the future premises themselves. Customers do not need to spend their personal time on this, riding through different parts of the city for a certain shade of curtains or upholstery on the sofa.

Many do not pay attention to this issue and often a well-designed room, alas, may be spoiled by unsuccessful curtains. So, what kind of services implies textile design?

  • drapery of walls
  • carpet decoration
  • sewing curtains and curtains
  • making tapestries
  • manufacture of screens
  • selection or manufacture of table linen: tablecloths, towels, aprons, pillows, napkins, etc.
  • design, selection and sewing of curtains
  • selection of covers, pillows, textile accessories
  • tailoring bed linen for the bedroom, etc.

The main advantage in textile design is the complete compatibility of absolutely every detail, for example, from the drawing on the kitchen curtain to sets of dishes and used equipment. This type of decoration is ideal not only for country houses and cottages, restaurants, but also for city apartments. Especially if zoning is necessary in the room. For example, in a cozy kitchen with a living room with the help of textiles you can correctly create the illusion of two smoothly flowing into each other premises. At the same time, being in the same room in the living room area does not feel like in the kitchen. Properly selected fabrics and their good use in the interior will help distract attention from the disadvantages of the room, showing only its dignity.

The best sites of interior designers often offer their visitors a ready-made solution. It should be borne in mind that the repetition of one of them in their own housing does not guarantee even the proportion of what is depicted in the picture. Designers individually develop sketches, drawings, 3-D modeling for each room. Only then will you get the perfect result.

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