Office design. How to design a project

Office design. Design development

If you have to repair in an apartment or house, office, restaurant or in another room, then you probably thought about its design. This question sometimes leads to a dead end and it seems simple only until the first difficulty. It turns out that drawing an apartment by yourself is beyond the power, and how the best interior designs are made in the photos on the Internet is an unsolved mystery.

Project design development is a complex, responsible and multi-stage task, the solution of which must be trusted by professionals. We will try to briefly describe this process in this article.

At the initial stage, the direct participation of the customer is necessary. He is required to voice his own interests, wishes and preferences. The designer must find out as much as possible every detail, and the customer deliberately explain their wishes. On this depends the formulation of the problem for the designer. Those. at this stage, the customer’s acquaintance with the performer takes place, the possibilities for implementing the customer’s ideas are specified, the preferred style is identified. In other words, the first stage of the project design development is the technical task. A good option – familiarity with the reference. The client has the right to show the designer the photo of repair from magazines, the Internet, travels he liked. This greatly simplifies the work and helps to more accurately and visually determine the taste preferences and wishes of the customer.

The designer necessarily acquaints with the room and its technical capabilities, takes measurements, takes into account the height of the walls, the location of the supporting structures and windows, studies where and how the sunlight is present in the rooms, etc. Conducts analysis of engineering networks in order to correctly use all cables, pipes, openings and communications, ventilation and air conditioning, etc.

At the next stage, the designer develops three-dimensional sketches in the form of drawings or computer graphics. Seeing the concept in the picture makes it easier for the client to understand the future result.

After matching the thumbnails, 3D visualization is created. The designer selects furniture, materials, etc. Thus, the client can see in the computer form the future repair of the object, especially the lighting, furniture. The design development of the design allows the customer to virtually get acquainted with the previously agreed ideas, see how these or other materials will look in the interior, as well as decorative elements and avoid further disappointments. In addition, at this stage, it is clearly explained what budget is needed to implement the project.

And the last step is to translate the project into reality: the designer conducts a selection of finishing materials, furniture, curtains, accessories, plumbing, doors, textiles, etc.

As a result, the customer receives a full estimate of the cost of repairs, materials, decor, furniture, etc.

This is an approximate design development of the project and in the process of work, of course, multiple changes and suggestions can be made.

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