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Kitchen Design

Modern interior and kitchen design is able to make home life more comfortable, harmonious and relaxing in the walls of the house. There is a certain fashion for the design and it is changing as fast as the styles of clothes. When designing an apartment and kitchen design, it’s worth considering that with the new renovation you will live a year, unlike a pair of fashionable trousers.

Interior design is a very important event, and if you feel the fine line between fashion and comfort on your own you can’t afford it, you should ask for help in a design studio and trust a professional.

Within the walls of the home, most of the time we spend in the kitchen. Cooking, family breakfasts and dinners, gatherings with guests in this room – in any situation you want to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. What kind of design to choose, if you want to take into account modern solutions and at the same time make the room as comfortable and cozy as possible?

To get started, pay attention to 4 styles of design that have been in fashion for many years and are not going to give up their leadership.

  • classic style
  • scandinavian style
  • loft
  • provence

There is no need to talk a lot about the classics – its relevance is undeniable at all times. It involves refined restraint, accuracy, grace and some stiffness. The walls of the kitchen, as a rule, are made in pastel colors, using natural materials such as wood, marble, stone, tile. In the classic style of kitchen design it is proposed to use elegant furniture, textiles made from natural materials such as flax, cotton, etc.

Scandinavian style in the design of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms used by designers for several years. Due to his brevity and simplicity, he found fans around the world and is becoming increasingly popular. This is a great solution in the design of the kitchen for lovers of minimalism. The Scandinavian style implies a modest atmosphere, the absence of unnecessary objects, maximum comfort and the justified use of absolutely every detail. The main colors used are light yellow, dusty pink, milky, pale blue and white.

Loft is a truly unique style that once met with misunderstanding among the masses. Today it is one of the most popular design solutions for courageous people and those who love experimenting. The loft-style kitchen will not lose its relevance even after 10 years. Its main difference is the simplicity of decoration, the use of bricks, metal, concrete and wood. The use of objects bearing an imprint from the past century is welcomed.

And, of course, the favorite of many – Provence. Indeed in the kitchen, decorated in this style, comfort reigns in every detail. Provence radiates warmth, soulfulness, aroma of the sea and spices. The interior of this kitchen uses only natural materials: wooden furniture, elements of natural stone, cotton and linen textiles. The color palette is inspired by nature, sea and sun: cream, terracotta, yellow, sea wave, orange, sand and lemon colors.

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